Top 2 Unique Ad Ideas For Social Media Marketing – Tutorial Tuesday

Every day I do consultation calls with my viewers, I get all kinds of questions regarding Amazon FBA, drop shipping, cryptocurrencies, but the most common question I get is regarding Social Media Marketing. With the hundreds of consultation calls I have done I have found that people are constantly having the same issue, getting results for unique clients. These are clients that have a product or service that takes some explaining in order to get the potential customer to buy whatever it is that the customer is selling. Therefore today I decided to compile my top 2 Ad ideas that I have found work best for unique clients.

Every good ad starts with a story. Storytelling is an art that has been around for thousands of years. As a child we grow up listening to stories from our parents, on the TV, in books, even history class is just the teacher telling stories. We resonate very well with storytelling, and it is a key factor in advertising. But how do we turn a story into a high turnover ad? With text messages.

Text message ads are by far one of my favourite ads to create, plus they have everything needed for a great ad! Some of the key benefits of texting ads are:

  • They grab the attention of the viewer right away
  • Keeps the viewer’s attention
  • Relatable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to create
  • Free to create

Now let’s go in-depth with all of these benefits, starting from the top. Texting ads grab the attention if the viewer the moment the ad starts, why? Because humans are extremely curious creatures. We want to see where the story is going, and how it will end. Therefore a well planned out texting ad can do wonders. The key part of making these ads work is having a well thought out storyline for the conversation. A huge mistake most people make is not grabbing the attention of the viewer within the first 1-3 messages sent. It’s crucial to have something that will grab the attention of the viewer within the first 1-3 messages because this will determine if the viewer is going to continue watching or continue scrolling.

Moving on to the reliability factor. We all use cell phones, we all text, therefore a texting ad makes sense right? This depends if you’re speaking the language of the average texter. Don’t make the mistake of making the ad a series of 3 paragraph messages talking about grave details of the product/service you’re trying to sell. Instead, keep it casual! When I create texting ads I ask myself, would I say this? By simply asking myself that question I am able to keep myself from becoming too overly formal, and being able to relate to the viewer on a higher level.

More than likely around 75% of your viewers are going to be looking at this ad on a phone screen, luckily texting ads are super mobile friendly! Because messenger apps are already made to fit on a phone screen the text on the ad will be easily read if your viewer is watching the ad on a mobile screen.

I can’t stress enough how easy these ads are to create, especially on IOS. IOS allows for screen recordings right on your phone, which means creating the ad is as simple as turning on the screen recorder and having a conversation with yourself! Obviously, you’ll need a second phone in order to make this ad, but I’m sure your mom will have no issues letting you use her phone for 15 minutes.

Once the messaging portion has been recorded it’s just a matter of speeding it up a bit then you’re pretty much done!

Texting ads may be great to get the client through the door, but what if you have a lot of information that needs to be explained in a short amount of time? That’s where whiteboard animations come in. Unlike texting ads, whiteboard ads are a very simple way of getting a large amount of information across in a short amount of time, yet they are just as intriguing as texting ads!

Although I absolutely love these kinds of ads, they do have some downsides. For starters, if you aren’t an artist, you can cross off doing these types of ads on your own. Which means you’ll need to pay someone to create the ad for you, this can become very pricey. Luckily there are websites like Fiverr that allow you to cut the costs of these intriguing ads. 90-second whiteboard ads start at around $100, which is a bargain compared to some websites that offer this exact same service for THOUSANDS of dollars. Most of the Fiverr freelancers will do absolutely everything to do with the creation of the ad. All you need to do is give them some simple bullet points of what you want to get across in the video and the Fiverr freelancer will do the rest! This is one of my absolute favourite websites when it comes to finding freelancers for inexpensive projects, I’d highly recommend you try it out.