How Can I Create a #Hashtag That Benefits My Client?

What’s a Hashtag?

Hashtags are everywhere – used for high school dances, weddings, birthday parties, corporate marketing campaigns, supporting your favourite influencer or celebrity, and more. If you’re marketing for small or large businesses, you need to be utilizing hashtags to increase brand awareness and let their customers and supporters get in touch with them.

A well-promoted hashtag goes a long way. If you’re not yet convinced, here’s a couple more reasons:

Monitor your reputation and what people are saying about your product or service.
Let your product/service speak louder than your competitors!
Build a community! Let customers connect with each other with a simple #hashtag.
Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.
Free Promotion

How to Get Started:

1) Figure out what the goal of your hashtag is. Do you want to increase engagement, promote an event, drive people to a website, promote a special or sale, or build brand awareness? Don’t worry, having multiple goals is normal and OKAY!
2) Get Creative! Keep it short, tie it to your brand, and make sure it’s easy to remember. Double check to ensure your selected hashtag isn’t already active.

Here are a few examples used by popular brands:
Red Bull – #PutACanOnIt
Coca-Cola – #ShareaCoke
Audi – IWantAnR8
KFC – #NationalFriedChickenDay

3) Let’s get your hashtag out there! Here’s a couple of ways to encourage your customers to talk about your business.

Contest: When you run a #hashtag contest, there aren’t any forms or high barriers to entry. Encourage your followers to post about your business (including your new hashtag) for a chance to win. Don’t forget…add an Instagram/Twitter/Facebook slider onto your website to highlight and make your contestants feel special.

Hosting an Event? Highlight your hashtag as much as possible! When people attend a concert, carnival, or even just walk through a local park….they want to let others know about it.

Running a Sale? If you’re promoting a certain discount or sale, let others know about it through hashtags! For example, we’ve seen businesses such as ice cream parlours, car washes, and restaurants DOMINATE their local social media with this strategy.

Organic & Paid Posts: If you’re posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or perhaps using paid advertising, use your new hashtag (when relevant) within the copy of your content.

4) When your campaign is underway, interact with your followers, share their content, and let the buzz grow.

It’s time to get started – go out there and increase your client’s social media engagement!

Check back next week for a full tutorial on how to use already existing hashtags to build your following and promote a product or service.