How To Make A Full Time Income Doing Affiliate Marketing With NO Startup Costs

Many people will tell you that us millennials are currently witnessing the greatest time to be alive. I 100% agree with that statement, not just for the obvious reasons like we aren’t going through a plague, there are no dinosaurs trying to eat us, and we sure as hell aren’t going through a great depression. We are in the greatest business era of all times! If you look back 50 years there was no such thing as being able to make money by making amateur videos online. That just wasn’t a thing! But now we are in the world were literally ANYONE with internet access has the ability to make money online. Today I am going to tell you 3 ways to make Money online using Affiliate Marketing for free.

Before we get into specific strategies on how to use affiliate marketing I wanted to go over a few ways to find affiliate revenue sources (websites that will pay you a commission). There are websites dedicated to affiliate marketing such as clickbank, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, and of course the ever so popular Amazon Affiliate Program. All of these websites are dedicated to affiliate marketing. Another way to find affiliate marketing revenue is to simply search up affiliate or referral program on what ever paid service you are using. Most online businesses will have an affiliate program that you can join. Now that we know how to find an affiliate program or website, lets dive into how to actually make money doing it.

The way I doing affiliate marketing is both inexpensive, and in my mind the most profitable way of affiliate marketing.  I personally have made over $100,000 in the past 10 months doing affiliate marketing this way. In fact I have been doing it like this for years. I call it “Influencer affiliate marketing”. Influencer Affiliate Marketing is a way making an affiliate income by simply talking about a product through youtube, facebook, or even a blog post! Seems too good to be true right? I thought so too until I made over 100k this year with Influencer Affiliate Marketing.

An example of this is earlier this year I purchased Tanner J Fox’s Amazon Seller Mastery course. I really enjoyed it, I found it well structured and to the point. Most importantly it was making me money and I knew that anyone could make money doing this. Therefore I decided I would make a video on my progress, in that video I inserted an affiliate link which gave me $100/sale of the course. By simply documenting my journey I was able to make a full time income from affiliate revenue alone. The absolute best part about it is that with this video that took me all of an hour to make I am able to make affiliate revenue for months or even years depending on how well my video stays ranked!

Before you leave this post because you think you can only do this if you have a lot of followers on youtube I want to let you know that isn’t the case. Anyone can do what I am about to teach you with minimal knowledge of video editing or writing skills.

Before we get into how I do this I wanted to be clear, although Influencer Affiliate Marketing is my favourite form of affiliate revenue, there are also parts of it you should be cautious of. When you are getting paid on the sale of something you are obviously much more likely to say positive things about it in order to increase the chase of making a sale. Even though you may truly enjoy the product or service you are promoting; your viewers may feel as if your true and honest opinion is being tainted due to the affiliate revenue. This is because there is a large majority of affiliate marketers out there who promote things simply for the affiliate revenue! This is why I go through a mental checklist each time I am about to make a video with an affiliate link, the list goes as such:

  1. Can a majority of my viewers use this product/service?
  2. Is this my honest opinion?
  3. Am I leaving out any significant negative downsides to the product/service?
  4. If I wasn’t getting paid a commission would I still make a video on this product/service?

The last rule on my check list only refers to courses that teach people how to make money. I ask myself “do my viewers have a fair chance at making an equal amount of money that I am making doing what this course teaches” This is EXTREMELY important to the longevity of your influencer status. When it came to Tanners Amazon course I knew that my viewers  had just as much of a chance at making money selling on amazon as I did. The opposite of that would be something like Bitconnect (click here to watch my video on bitconnect) I knew my viewers would not make nearly as much as I would because I would make a killing on the referral commissions since I have a large audience who trusts me. Therefore I made the conscious decision to stay away from that form of affiliate revenue.

Making a living doing affiliate marketing as an influencer is a fairly easy and risk free way to do affiliate marketing. But how do you get started? There are several extremely cheap if not 100% free ways to start affiliate marketing as an influencer. The first being reviews.

Have you ever thought about buying a product or service before but wasn’t sure if it was right for you? You likely looked up a review video or blog post to see what other people were saying about the product right? You likely didn’t even notice that the review video you watched had an affiliate link in the description. This is actually how I got started in affiliate marketing. I would make videos reviewing amazon/ebay LED off-road light bars for sale. Back then I wasn’t doing it for a paid commission but instead for free products, but I could have easily taken advantage of amazon or ebay’s affiliate program. By creating an honest review video you are giving a unsure buyer the confidence to purchase that product or service. This method is fairly easy because the buyer already wants to purchase the product or service, they just need that extra little push to make the sale. The downside being that if they already want the product they likely have it up in a separate browser tab, or in their cart already and may not choose to buy it through your link.

Another way to do influencer affiliate marketing is by creating top 5 list. What the f*ck is a top 5 list? Top 5 lists are a list of specific products or services that you make a video or blog post about. For example “Top 5 Books for Entrepreneurs” A title like this is a HUGE hit online because us millennials are lazy, we don’t want to go scouring the internet looking for the best product/service. We want to know the pros and cons of a handful of whatever it is we’re looking for in a convenient 5-10 minute video or blog post. As I stated earlier these titles are awesome when it comes to grabbing the attention of viewers. Some of my most popular videos online are top 5 style videos. In order to do a top 5 video you need to choose a specific niche you want to make your video or blog post about, let’s use my example from earlier  “top 5 books for entrepreneurs”. In order to make this video/blog post you obviously have to have either read each book, or have a good understanding of the context in the book. You can then list the pros and cons of each book and who they would better tailor to. Last step is to make a free Amazon Affiliate Program account and generate a link for each book. This is an extremely safe way to make affiliate revenue as so long as you list pros and cons you aren’t going to see a ton of backfire as you would for making a video or post about “The Best Book For Entrepreneurs”.

The final way to make Influencer Affiliate Revenue is to document your journey using a specific product or service. The most popular and likely most profitable way of doing this is to document your experience doing a course of some sort. This again leads back to me documenting my journey with Tanners amazon course. I was extremely transparent with my viewers, sharing all the ups and downs I experienced while selling on amazon. The key to my success in making affiliate revenue using this method was being honest with my viewers about the experience. I let my viewers know when I was losing money, or having bad days. I told them about the hard parts of selling on amazon, along with the good things. Overall I was honest and transparent. Hyping up a course or product is a good way to raise suspicion and lose trust in your viewers.

If you are looking for an affiliate revenue source that is inexpensive to start, allows for little to no marketing experience, and can make you money for years after you post then Influencer Affiliate Marketing is for you.