Bitconnect Youtube Scam Followup – Recap Wednesday

On Thursday November 2nd I posted a video about Bitconnect and the reasons why I felt as if it was a scam, you can watch that video below.

Since then I have been bombarded with DM’s and comments praising me for standing up against what I feel is a major scam in the influencer industry. Of course with any controversial subject I also had a handful of people who spoke out against what I said with reasonable rebuttals.

But then there was the group of of people who only proved my point even more by attempting to post their referral link into the comments. (Luckily I have my youtube channel setup to catch spam links such as these, therefore none of the comments got published.)


If this doesn’t scream “PYRAMID SCHEME” then I don’t know what does. Anyone who is investing in a non-pyramid scheme business should not have to shove their referral links down the throats of anyone they can get it in front of. I have never seen a more desperate group of people attempting to get honest hard working individuals to sign up underneath them simply so they can get more affiliate commission. It disgusts me to see people stoop to this level, especially on a video that specifically talked about how Bitconnect is a scam.

I did want to be clear though. I do believe there is a possibility to make money on Bitconnect. The issue is that the amount of money you can make on Bitconnect drops drastically if you don’t use the referral program! I have seen many influencers talk about how much money they are making on Bitconnect when in reality only a small percentage of that money is payouts and the rest is referral commission. So can you make money on Bitconnect? Sure. Would you make 1000x more money referring people to use Bitconnect? F*ck yes.

This is where I have an issue with Bitconnect. The moment you have a financial service that is structured to make you more money by referring people to that service, than you could by actually USING the service, is when you know you have a Ponzi scheme business. As I said before you can make money using bitconnect, but is it a honest way to make money? I guess that depends on who you talk to. I personally refuse to be apart of this simply because I know that my viewers have less of a chance of making money as I do. People have argued me on that statement, saying that everyone has an equal chance of making money on bitconnect because they could run ads to refer people, or they could post about it on their own social media. To them I say THAT’S THE F*CKING POINT. You shouldn’t have to run ads or post about a investment service in order to make more money on that service! If I posted a link about bitconnect and got all of my 20k subs to sign up through my link I’d be making thousands a day! Yet someone who is underneath me wouldn’t be able to touch the amount of money I am making unless they too managed to get that amount of people underneath them. (AKA: A F*CKING PYRAMID SCHEME)

Because of this I have decided to do my due diligence to show people that you don’t need a ponzi or pyramid scheme to make money with cryptocurrency. Throughout the following weeks I will be partnering up with Iconic Becker and my former editor Edward Ornelas to show my viewers how it is they can make good money investing in cryptocurrency without the use of Bitconnect. Edward will be doing a $500 to 50k challenge where he will be investing $500 and turning it into $50k which I am super excited for, and will also be participating in. As always I will document my entire journey with screenshots and full tutorials to show you how to properly invest in the new and exciting world of cryptocurrency.

When I first started to invest in cryptocurrencies I was scared. These are new currencies that nearly no one is an expert in. They fluctuate by the thousands on a regular basis, which is unheard of in our government regulated system. Anyone with any form of human instincts would automatically be scared of something like this because our brain automatically deems it as not safe. I plan to help my viewers get over that hurdle and look into the light at the end of the ever changing cryptocurrency tunnel. I was raised to be an honest and caring individual. When I built my youtube channel I set out to make it a place where average Joe’s such as myself can come to find reliable information. Doing this isn’t always easy, in fact it makes me miss-out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I truly believe in the long run it will be what sets myself apart from everyone else.

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