How To Fully Automate Content Creation: Social Media Markerting

It’s extremely likely that you got into SMM because you wanted to be able to work your own hours, be your own boss, and most importantly spend more time doing whatever it is that gets you off. But how the hell can you do that if you are spending all your time working!?

I’ve compiled 3 simple yet effective ways to automate your agency so you can spend more time doing you. I want you to keep in mind that some if not all of these methods are fairly obvious, also I’d like you to know that there is never going to be a way to automate your content creation for absolutely free. Believe me, if there was I’d be the first to know about it.

Let's start from the beginning. If you are working with a local business, you have no choice but to go to the business itself to create the content. Unfortunately we aren't all expert photographers. Although a lot of content can be shot with your iphone, it is always nice to have higher end photos for websites, ads, and so on. Hiring photographers can be extremely pricy, some will charge you over a thousand dollars just for a photoshoot! So how is it that we get around these expensive photography costs? Hire amateurs!  

You are probably saying to yourself  “Hayden, I want my photos to look PROFESSIONAL, if I wanted amateur photos i’d just shoot with my iPhone”. This is where I'm going to get sh*t on by all the photographers out there. In today's world with all of our modern technology professional photos can be taken with a half decent DSLR and a nice lens. Now before I get yelled at by all of you Ansel Adams out there (famous photographer reference for ya). Yes photography is an art, it takes skill, a good eye, and the right lighting to be a professional photographer. But in the sense of a photo that is for a local restaurant we aren't looking for the next V- J Day in times square photo. We are looking for someone who can make eggs benny look half decent.

How do we find these inexpensive photographers you may ask. The answer is simple; Facebook. I know… astonishing isn’t it, Facebook is the ever growing world of Insert that girl you went to high school with who bought a DSLR Photography. With a simple search of “photographers near me” Bata-bing-bata-boom you have yourself a photographer! After a quick look over their past work slide into those DMs and get yourself a quote!

Great, we have photos! Now who's going to edit them? (To be fair the photographer you hired is very likely going to, but for argument sake we will say this photographer charges $5/hr and hands you every shot her shutter happy fingers could take.) How on earth are you going to edit these photos? Simple, fiver. For just $5 you can have a Insta ready pic made in no time.

Pro tip: when you find an editor who you like, make a deal with them! By making one person your “exclusive” editor you can very likely cut a sweet deal that will wet both of your whistles. P.s this goes for your photographer as well.

We have our photo, its looking good, we are ready to post, BUT WAIT! There is no way in hell you’re picking up that phone of yours to physically post 3 times a day. You’re forgetful, you couldn't even keep that beta fish your parents bought you alive for 2 weeks, let alone be responsible to post 3 times a day for a company that isn't even yours. That's where Hootsuite comes in. With Hootsuite you can upload all the posts you want and watch them magically appear at the time you set them for. Remember what I said, automation comes at a price. Hootsuite is unfortunately a paid service. At a later date I will be sure to cover the top free automation services.

By putting these 3 strategies into action you can spend more time doing you and less time worrying about that next post. Keep in mind, all of these strategies cost money, and can take a substantial cut out of your profit margins depending on how often you use them. But one may argue freedom is priceless.