Who The F*ck is Hayden Peddle?

Glad you asked. I am a 21 year old entrepreneur who built my income from 35k/year to over 250k/year in the span of 4 months. TAHST WHO THE F*CK I AM.

All Jokes aside, not too long ago I was working full time at Walmart. I loved every minute of it (Walmart's a big corporation lets not piss them off). I felt deep down that I was worth more then $12.50/hr. I knew I needed to make a change.


I began to take several online courses to learn everything there was about making money online. To be honest... it was a unhealthy obsession. I spent thousands of dollars on courses, surrounded myself with podcasts and e-books. I was determined to change my life.

Out of everything I learned one thing came up again and again, social media. That is when I decided to build my Social Media Marketing Agency. I quickly gained 10 clients all paying me a minimum of $1,000/month. With that money I began to seek other forms of making money online. Thats where all my other sources of income come in.

I learned quickly that with each source of income I was creating more of a safety net incase something happened to one of the others. This stability is something I have been trying to teach all young entrepreneurs.


Next Steps...

Are you ready to take the next step and invest in yourself?